Our Reality

by Awaken The Ghosts

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released August 1, 2014

Alex St-Gelais: vocals, guitars, lyrics
Dave Tremblay: fretless bass, back vocals
Rémy Verreault: drums, production, back vocals

Recorded in "Studio Danger" by Rémy Verreault, in La Baie.



all rights reserved


Awaken The Ghosts Saguenay, Québec

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Track Name: Crisis
Another night turning in my bed
Another night watching the minutes pass
Looking myself in the mirror
Asking me why
Why am I like that
Questioning myself about life
My ambitions and myself
Seeing someone who pleases others
Without recognizing myself much
Just a stranger to tame
While hiding me, not to show a weakness
The pain’s growing harder and my torments are piling
My screams, always louder
Trying to live in this new era
A material one destroying everything filed with false values
It’s up to me to live with that new person
It’s after all those nights I get rid of the image pleasing
That I can accept I’ll never end this fight
I keep scars and lesson
Track Name: Born, Alive, and Dead
Opening eyes on a new world
Discovering fear and insecurity
Discovering a beauty so fragile
Getting older from your first breath and dying at your last
We spend our lives looking back everything amidst us
Looking in a fog of illusion on a badly chosen beauty
Despite every scream, cry and joy
Barely trying to live each second hoping to forget nothing
Come on reaper, I’m waiting for you
After leaving my mark and seeing my life scroll by
I got older all my life to look at a translucent past
Cleared by hatred, love and impulsive decisions
On my deathbed, surrounded by loved ones
I’ll shed a tear full of memories
Of those anybody would want to live one last time
One last time before closing the light forever
The only promise I dare do is to never forget
Never forget every face
Never forget every moment
Come on reaper, I’m waiting for you
I’m waiting for my last breath
Come on reaper, come tuck me and sing my last lullaby
Track Name: No Regrets
You left as violently as a blast of wind
You left without even saying a simple goodbye
You stayed long enough to teach me a life lesson
Thrive without looking back and being anxious with unanswered questions
Displease to stop pleasing
Not thinking and acting without regretting actions
Feeling once alive
Feeling every second
Feeling every breath
Feeling every heartbeat
Never be afraid to lift the glass and evade for a night
Feeling the body letting go to let the mind evade
Displease to stop pleasing
Simply getting out of the standards and not caring for tomorrow
It’s tonight that abandon starts by playing the loudest
It’s tonight that tomorrow stops being
Feeling once alive
Feeling every second
Feeling every breath
Feeling every heartbeat
I decide to displease to please my life
Track Name: R.I.P. Humanity
Every day of my little lifetime
I should live amidst people rotting with time
Blinded by money and overconsumption
A species who called itself evolved
It’s with sadness that I see new eras suffer from our mistakes
I can’t wait to leave this Earth
So I won’t have to lie about the poisoned gift I’ll leave behind
A dying planet that screams its misery with natural disasters
A civilization that only lives for progress
A civilization that takes without thinking of the consequences
Despite all those trying to change this unavoidable end
Despite all those hoping for a radical change
I can’t stop envying my ancestor’s pure air
It’s with a fear that I live my last time
It’s with hope that I’m watching the sun siring every morning
But with regret I see humanity go haywire
With regret I see humanity losing all valors
With regret I see humanity destroying everything without shedding a tear
My only option is to close my eyes
Close my eyes to live without disgust of our evolution
Track Name: Abroad
Different from birth
Without having decided
Must live your life between two universes
So unique while mysterious
You have the chance to be yourself without caring for others
A chance that most despise and reject
Spend your time living your emotions as they were the last
Always take the time to say what’s going in your head
I will never regret meeting you
You taught me as I taught you
I’ve had the chance to see your toughest victories
I’ve had the bad luck to see others judging you in your frustrations
I’ve have the shame to judge you like those assholes
But now, everything is different
I can finally separate me from the crowd to love what you are
Someone who will always be unique by its complexity
We are who we are
We’re born as we are
Our intelligence is our color
You have a mental disease
But it’s this disease that makes you a leader
A leader who showed me to never judge others
Track Name: This Is Not Paradise, This Is Not Hell, This Is Reality
I freeze every time I see generations go
I freeze seeing technology dictate people’s life
That is based on appearances
And that spends without counting
A widespread violence since childhood
Immoral actions accepted by all
A moral crumbling due to lack of knowledge
Save parents from their little kings and princesses
Forced to obey and buy peace to avoid discipline
Teenage girls who don’t know how to dress, showing everything
A youth left to itself and despised by adults
Drugs within the reach of all, even the younger
Psychopaths prowling their next victim for a simple fantasy
A generation unable to look in the eyes
Unable to maintain a simple relationship based on trust and honesty
Unable to live without judging any difference
Great minds burning resources to afford a castle
Letting die the poorest, wasting money, even shedding a tear
A reality devoid of hope
A reality that brings a lot of joy and fear
I can only hope not collapsing in front every gap of this society
It’s by taking a deep breath that I rush to my death in this reality